Update list

Obsidian Tarot improves with each update as bugs are corrected and new features are added. If you have any ideas or suggestions, you can send them to me using the contact form.

Last update: 07/30/2023


Change Log

Version 5.3 – Bugfix

  • Fixed application updater

Version 5.2 – Bugfix

  • Fixed translations

Version 5.1 – Bugfix

  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 5.0 – Bugfix

  • Code optimizations
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 4.3 – Bugfix

  • Fixed some bugs

Version 4.2 – Bugfix

  • Fixed translation bug on tray icon menu

Version 4.1 – Bugfix

  • Fixed bug with the font size in the detailed information window of the card

Version 4.0 – Bugfix

  • Fixed bug with XML file writing

Versión 3.9 – Improvements

  • Added window that shows detailed information about each card when double clicking on it

Version 3.8 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Implemented some missing translations
  • Design changes in spread editor
  • Updated some mistranslations

Version 3.7 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Deleted unused variables
  • Internal code cleanup
  • Fixed minor crash when loading images in free mode
  • Added character counter on card editor window
  • Added auto updater (BETA 1)

Version 3.6 – Bugfix

  • Fixed bug with the number of cards when changing decks

Version 3.5 – Bugfix

  • Fixed bug with checking for updates

Version 3.4 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Removed unnecessary features
  • Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.3 – Improvements and bugfix

  • The info popup is now customizable from the settings window
  • Improved and simplified popup code
  • Simplified loading of program settings
  • Added several wallpapers
  • Added multiple rolls
  • Changes in the design of some windows
  • Removed executable obfuscation

Version 3.2 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Added border color selector for decks and cards
  • Error handling improvements
  • Fixed bug that shows incorrect size of images *
  • Added the option to upload decks to share
  • Changes in the design of some windows
  • Improved routine for SSL and SFTP connections
  • The setup file now honors decks, rolls, and reads and does not overwrite them when upgrading the program

* A special mention to Ricardo Pereira for his invaluable help testing the program thoroughly and finding some bugs.

Version 3.1 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Added update decklists in context menus
  • Error handling improvements
  • Changed some icons
  • Added some custom spins
  • Changes in the program updater
  • Update Installer

Version 3.0 – Major Update

  • Changes in reading deck information (INI -> XML)
  • Changes in the load of readings and runs (INI -> XML)
  • Image loading improvements
  • Error handling improvements
  • Added border drawing on cards and decks
  • Removed program updater
  • Code and function simplification
  • Repackaging the installation file
  • Change of logo and some icons
  • Fixed bug in AllowMultipleInstances function
  • Spin editor improvements

PLEASE NOTE: This update changes the way deck and card information is loaded. Before, each deck contained its own information and now it will be centralized within the program. It is recommended to uninstall the program completely, reinstall the new version and download the decks again.

Version 2.5 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Installer improvements
  • Added function PingTrackerUsage
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Improved stability
  • Improved compatibility with older equipment

Version 2.4 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Added search field in deck installer
  • Improved the deck download system
  • Improved version updater
  • Fixed minor bug when saving spins to a file
  • Some translations updated
  • Fixed bug with WS_EX_LAYERED in CreateParams
  • Cards and decks no longer appear in the Windows ALT+TAB menu

Version 2.3 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Added version updater (BETA)
  • Removed anti-tampering routine
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improved error handling

Version 2.2 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Added deck loading in 2 languages ​​(EN/ES)
  • Polished minor bugs with the clock
  • Updating translations
  • Improved licensing system
  • Fixed critical bug with translations

Version 2.1 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Removed license registration popup
  • Updated license registration system
  • Limited features in demo mode *
  • Added anti-tampering routine (BETA)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • The obfuscation of the executable is dispensed with
  • Optimization of resources and images
  • Updating translations
  • Added 11 missing translations
  • Changed main icon
  • License key encryption improvements

WARNING: From this version on, the license registration popup that popped up every 5 minutes has been removed and some functions have been restricted in demo mode (MODE DEMO).

Version 2.0 – Major Update

  • Small bug fixes
  • Added English and Spanish language translation
  • Optimization of resources and images
  • Compression and obfuscation of the executable
  • Reorganization of subroutines
  • Improved transparency effects
  • Interface design changes
  • Added background and default colors
  • Improved the flip card randomization algorithm
  • Improved the randomization algorithm for shuffling cards
  • Added adjustable percentage of reversed cards
  • Added configurable size for cards and decks
  • Added looping card shuffling
  • Re-styling of the popup with the name and meanings of the cards
  • Added option to flip all cards
  • Added option to show or not popups with chart information
  • Updating translations
  • Spin editor improvements
  • License key encryption improvements

Version 1.4 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Added support for other decks
  • Added support for oracles
  • Rearrangement of options and menus
  • Added meaning editor
  • Added several ways to shuffle cards
  • Opens the use of .dll files for decks

Version 1.3 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Changes in the image upload method
  • Internal code optimization
  • Fixed critical crash if background image is invalid
  • Program speed increased
  • Fixed bug with transparency

Version 1.2 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Added registration form
  • Changed some interface icons
  • Added sound effects
  • Fixed background color picker bugs
  • Fixed bugs in the spread editor
  • Fixed bugs loading images
  • Added rotate chart function
  • Added popup with the name and meanings of the cards

Version 1.1 – Improvements and bugfix

  • Added anti-flicker routine for cards and decks
  • Optimization of the image streaming process
  • Added dropdown menu with options in deck mode
  • Fixed minor bugs in spin editor
  • Code cleanup and simplification

Version 1.0 – Home

  • Initial version of the program