Tarot software for Windows

┬┐What is Obsidian Tarot?

Obsidian Tarot is a Tarot software for Windows(R) operating systems that allows you to do cartomancy readings with digital reproductions of real Tarot and oracle decks. You will be able to make readings for yourself or for your clients and practice the interpretation of the spreads in a simple and enjoyable way, wherever you are and without having to carry all your decks or expose them to physical deterioration.



The first version of Obsidian Tarot began to take shape in 2018, when I combined two of my favorite hobbies: programming desktop applications and reading Tarot. Thinking about what my next project would be, it occurred to me that maybe I could create a Tarot software to do spreads and readings automatically with support for multiple decks and the possibility of creating my own readings and, what started as an experiment, little by little it became a very complete professional Tarot software with several interesting features.

Obsidian Tarot main features

  • Free reading: In this mode, all the cards in the deck are placed face down on the table and the user selects, one by one, the cards he wants to draw, turning them over and forming a spread.
  • Deck mode: In this mode, the user can shuffle the deck in multiple ways and then draw the cards one by one from the deck to form a spread. The user can also do readings using multiple decks at once, for example using Tarot and Lenormand.
  • Spread editor: Create, edit and share your own spreads with the editor that is included in the program. You only have to draw cards, place them on the table, form the figure of the spread and give a name or description to the position of each card.
  • Names and meanings: Hovering the mouse over each flipped card will show a fancy popup displaying the name and a brief description of its meaning, both upside and reversed.

┬┐Who uses Obsidian Tarot?

  • Professional tarot readers: They use Obsidian Tarot to do readings for their clients by sharing the desktop in full screen via Skype, Google Meet or Zoom.
  • Beginner Tarot readers: They use it to practice the interpretation of the spreads and the meanings of each Arcana in a totally practical and dynamic way, being able to take notes or change the data of each card.
  • Deck collectors: Obsidian Tarot allows you to use rare cards and decks without exposing them to the risk of breakage or damage that comes with taking them out of their boxes and shuffling the cards over and over again.
  • Curious and Tarot fans: For the price of a Tarot deck, this software allows you to create and use an infinite number of readings, decks and cards virtually.
“Art and expression have their origin in the capacity for fantasy and creativity, aspects linked to our emotions, our nature and impulses”
– Carl Gustav Jung –

View how Obsidian Tarot works

Obsidian Tarot is very easy to use, here is a video where I show you the interface of the program and how to take your first steps once you download and install the program on your computer. If you have any questions or problems, write me and I’ll help you with whatever you need.

Buy an Obsidian Tarot license key

Obsidian Tarot is a “FREEMIUM” software. You can download a copy of this program absolutely free but some of the features will be disabled. To activate them you will have to buy a license key.

You can buy your Obsidian Tarot license key by paying with Paypal or with your credit card or debit card through the Stripe platform. Payment is 100% secure as it is made through an SSL encrypted connection and your personal data will never be stored in our database.

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